Monday, March 12, 2012

Usha - the Audrey Hepburn of cats

This is the Audrey Hepburn of cats: delicate features, regal bearing, exotic eyes.
She is elegant and aloof with a touch of frailty.

Usha has been off the streets and in a foster home for 5 months now and has adapted to indoor living as if she never left it. She prefers to spend her time on her own and only occasionally comes out to join the household. She tolerates the two resident cats but treats them as her social inferiors.
The veterinarian found a heart murmur during her checkup which will have to be monitored but it does not affect her energy levels. She enjoys vigorous play sessions but she also loves to lay with her foster mom on the couch and snuggles as closely as she can. She enjoys being petted or brushed and she especially loves compliments. She is a very feminine feline who would grace
any home she is given.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

New babies - a new experience

Well, yesterday was the 2 week old birthday of my new little fosters.
A month ago, I took in a very pregnant, beautiful calico cat (now named Habibi) that a lovely and caring woman had found hiding in her shed. She was looking for a safe place to make a nest for her impending kittens.

The first night in her room separate from my other cats, she hid underneath an armoire, nervous about the environment and all the new smells. despite her nervousness, she was easily coaxed out with a kind word, as she couldn't resist the promise of affection and a petting.
Although I had never had the experience of caring for a pregnant cat or new-born kittens, I was very excited and had to anxiously wait 2 whole weeks before they were born. I'm happy that she waited a little while as it gave me time to stu
ff her full of good food and comfort, hopefully to make her more healthy and prepared for the little babies.
The day of the birth I did research during my break at work, watching videos of cats giving birth (yikes!) and reading about what to do in case I needed to help. As it turns out, this was totally unnecessary. I came home and opened the door and immediately knew something was up, as Habibi didn't run to great me as she always does. Instead of the nice little towel and blanket-filled box I made for her, she decided to give birth in the
bottom little house of the scratching post!
I was lucky, there were only 4 kittens, and enough milk for all.
I was surprised by their size and strength. I honestly expected them to be small, weak, and not-that-cute. Not true! They had strong squeaky voices and would even fight over a feeding spot.
It is absolutely fascinating to watch them grow. They change a little bit everyday.
They recognize my voice now and cry and try to climb out of their box when they hear me.
I'm smitten!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Foster Stories

If you are a foster home for SCAT, please remember to post your great foster stories.  I'm sure we all have several - at least one a week?  We love to hear all about the great little fosters.  Tell their stories so that someone out there will love them as much as you do and provide a lifetime home.  Just email to ask that you can access this blog to post.

In the meantime, don't forget to check out Donna's blog about the wonderful little babies.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

DEADLINE for ticket sales of Dinner Fundraiser is FRIDAY!

REMINDER: TICKET SALES for the Dinner fundraiser END FRIDAY  - March 18th.  We have sold 77 tickets already so come get yours as soon as possible!

SCAT AGM - April 9

Please mark your calendars and please encourage others to attend. It would be nice to increase both our membership base and to increase the number of people who can jump in to help with the coordination and organization of different facets of running an animal welfare charity. Much appreciated.

DATE: Saturday, April 9, 2011 TIME: 11 am to 1 pm


LOCATION: SCAT Adoption Centre on Faithfull and 50th (see map location link below)

DETAILS: MEMBERSHIPS due and can be paid at this meeting. Please come a little early to do so. YEARLY: Regular $25. Senior & Student $15.

OTHER NOTES: May need to BYOC. Snacks welcome, but please keep in cat-proof container.

Please spread the word to as many as possible. "Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." Henry Ford

Be Pawsitive!



Monday, March 14, 2011

A Welcome Update..

As some of you may know ... I recently fostered a pregnant momma cat followed by the adorable kittens that came just a short time after. This was one of the most trying yet rewarding experiences I have ever had. Not only did I learn a lot about weening kittens and their health and survival needs but I learned about 'training' them as well. I learned about how beneficial it is for them to have regular human contact and how much they enjoyed play times and cuddle times. Long story short, as a foster mom you always wonder how it turned out in the end. How did things go AFTER they got adopted and went to their new home ? This is why I try and build a positive and open relationship with the new families that adopt the foster cats staying at my home. I encourage them to stay in touch with Scat Street Cat Rescue so they can send us questions, concerns or just a general update on how everyone is doing and adjusting.

I LOVE getting updates! I thought I would share one with you that made me a little misty eyed after raising the little ones ... I must have done something right haha. This is the BRAG book right? :) ) ....

"Hey Kristine! I thought you might be interested in how our little kitten FKA October is doing. In a word-purrfect! Bella is the sweetest, most energetic, loving, cuddly kitten we have ever been blessed by. When we brought her to her home on February 16th I was surprised at how quickly she became comfortable with the surroundings. She went to great lengths to explore and sniff out every corner and crawl space of our home. She has a favorite toy which she politely but repetitively asks to play with (her fish feathers) especially after waking up from a cat nap and having a drink. She has adopted all of us as her family and follows my 6 year old son around the house. I often find her sleeping with him at night on his bed when I come home from work! But she doesn't want my husband or myself to feel unappreciated, so during the evening she will curl up with me on the chair for 10 minutes then go to my husband on his chair for awhile and back and forth. She has the loudest purr considering she was so small when we got her. But my has she grown! She has taken to keeping me company when I have bubble baths and she jumps up and runs down the hallway when she hears the phone ring. A similar reaction is displayed by my son who jumps up and runs to answer the phone! We are so grateful your ministry that raised our Bella for her first four months. We are so thankful to have her in our lives and she has and will continue to give us endless joy and delight. Thank you again, and we'll keep you updated. I thought I'd include a picture or two! Take care!"

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Life Long Friends... or Lunch ?

Who ever said Cats and Dogs are arch-enemies has certainly never stepped foot in my home. My zoo of rotating animals and visitors has created an interesting but safe meeting place for cats and dogs alike. From my 120lb St. Bernard to my boyfriends Chihuahua/Pomeranian X to my parents 80lb Labrador retriever that stops by from time to time, the cats at my place have learned to love ... or at least tolerate the inquisitive canines!

Emily, my St. Bernard is simply thrilled when a new cat or kitten comes to visit. She will whine at my feet until I let her meet nose to nose with the newcomer and she often smothers the kitten with slobbery licks when I give the "ok". The cats get used to it :) Maybe she is just tasting them for later?

Scrabble, the Chihuahua x is simply beside himself with excitement that something his size is there to play with! He tries his hardest to get close and to play with the new ones and wants to play a game of Cat and Mouse... or well I guess Cat and Dog every so badly. Maybe he prefers his meat lean ?

Sophie, the lab. What can I say about this people pleaser. She fearlessly heads straight to the cat, nose to nose, hoping to have a new friend. Desperately wanting to play by nudging softly and nibbling so gently. If the cat is uninterested she simply slumps down on the floor, head between her paws looking so sad and she watches patiently for another opportunity to reintroduce herself. Maybe she is just disappointed she missed her opportunity for a snack?

Jokes aside, I like to think that my place is a great place for cats to get used to having a dog in the house. Many homes these days are inhabited multi species lovers like myself and if I can help a cat learn to get along with the dogs in the house the better chance they have to get adopted. Its very important that adopted pets get along with everyone in the home and it makes for a happier stress-free environment for everyone :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

LOVE those stories of successful adoptions!

From Leslie Porter who put this on our Facebook page: Hello! A couple weeks ago, and I adopted Vincent. We have since named him Poly (because of his extra thumbs) and everyone who meets him is fascinated with his mitten paws. He likes to crawl up my shoulders and enjoys seeing his reflection in Photo Booth.

Thank you, SCAT, for all that you do!

------------------ Thank you, Leslie for the kind words and good home for Vincent....I mean Poly!  Have a great life together!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Quick Heating Pad

One of Donna's home mades for her teeny tinies is a quick heating pad. 

Take an 11" sq piece of fabric, sew all around with a 1/2" seam, leaving an opening to turn inside out, fill with 1.4 kg split peas, handstitch the opening and there you go!  Ready to pop into the microwave for a nice cozy for the furry kids.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kittens - How time Flies!

Well the little ones are now four weeks old! Time is flying now! I cant believe they will be ready to go to their new home in just a few more weeks! That is if I can pry them from my boyfriends fingers, he wants to keep them! haha I guess his first time fostering makes it hard to let them go. I will admit after spending so much time with them and watching them grow up through the ups and downs makes it very hard too.

Here are some of my favorite photos from week 3.
October : Ozrik : October
Orson : October : Orson

We have fallen in love with these little ones :) They are no longer staying in their bed, they come running when we come in the room and purr just slightly at our touch. Their teeth are coming in, their eyes are all open and always alert! They have begun to play with each-other and just starting to learn to lap up formula. I am so looking forward to the next few weeks with them.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Meet the "O" Family...

Orianna - Momma Cat
Orson - Orange Male (middle)
Ozrik - Black/Tan Tabby Male (top)
October (Toby for short) - Grey/Black Tabby Female (bottom)
My apologies for the delayed update on these sweethearts. Its been a rough few weeks. It hasn't been easy for this young family that for sure. We have had many struggles and losses along the way sadly. We have gone from troubles during a 12 hour labor for momma cat, to sickness and the loss of three kittens, then to hourly feedings by hand all through the day and night, antibiotics and fluid injections and now to assisting with their bowel movements on a regular basis ... too much info with that last part? ;)

Through it all, these three little fighters have fought hard to be here today. They are 2.5 weeks old now and looking happier and healthier every day. Their eyes are open, they are gaining weight steadily, they are eating on their own with just a little help from me now and then and they are becoming more and more active and curious. Here are some of my favorite pics...

I will keep the photos coming and if my calculations are right these guys will be ready to go just before Christmas :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Lucky's foster mom

Here are photos from the other day when Lucky was picked up from the WDVM Small Animal Clinic.  Ruth, his foster mom, listens closely to the vet's after care instructions.  All part of a foster home's responsibilities to ensure that medical instructions are followed and that followup appointments are made and kept for the best possible care for the cat.

Lucky is now in his forever home and we look forward to seeing updated photos of him.  This is a note from his new guardian:

good morning linda.just to touch base with you as i don't have a phone number.

picked up lucky last night after work.he is looking better everyday.his meds are almost done and will continue to steam him a bit in hopes it helps him a bit.ruth was an absolute great foster parent.she seems so experienced at fostering that i was shocked it was her first have a great foster on your hands with her.

will still have to work with him on his eating.hope he figures it out soon that he doesn't have to eat it all that it will still be there later.he is very affectionate and purrs right away.

once he is settled better i will take some pictures and do a story up for you if you would like.i live in martensville but feel free to come out and see him if you need to make sure he is in a good home and recovering.also i actually need to know when he should go for his rabies shots.ruth mentioned that with his stitches out,microchipping and then deworming that it was enough proding so he didn't get the vaccination yet.if he can go anytime let me know and i can book him in with dr ward out here.

have a good weekend kim,giz and trouble

Saturday, October 30, 2010

My two new favorite things about kittens ...

1. The first time you hear a newborn purr loud enough you can hear them from 2 feet away. Kitten purrs are priceless :)

2. Kitten fights! They can't see, hear, or climb over the side of the basket but the sibling rivalry has already begun! Its a full out screaming and scratching match ! These little guys will stop at nothing for the best spot on mom!

Stay tuned for names and sexes. I believe I have 4 males and one female but I'm no expert. Once the names are approved I will introduce them all to you :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Its a sad day....

Todays blog post was supposed to be full of cute photos and happy stories but after coming home form work today I have sad news. I lost one of the kittens. :(

I checked on the kittens before work, at lunch and all was well. Even weighed them all last night so I could put them in they post for yesterday... maybe it was a sign that I didn't get time to do a posting on Day 2... because on day three I came home after work at approx 4:15 and one of the orange kittens was out of the little bed and was cool to the touch. Momma cat may have moved him from the bed for some reason. He was barely breathing and had the faintest meow. I grabbed the hot water bottle from the bed and refilled it and wrapped the little guy in a blanket and held him close gently petting him. I called the vet, Donna (our resident teenie tiny kitten caregiver), and our resident vet tech, Star, and they all gave the same advice warm him up and hopefully he starts to respond. Sadly ... while holding him just 60 minutes after I found him he stopped breathing while the phone rang to the 3rd call. I was in tears before Star picked up the phone and she got to listen to my bumbling. I held him a while longer just in case he fought back but no such luck. Poor little one didn't make it. Sorry for the sad news.

So everyone says the same thing "you did what you could", "there wasn't anything else you could do", "it happens" etc but I still feel sad and wish I could have done more. I guess its my first and I cant blame myself for being at work but its easy to do. Maybe if I came home earlier? Did a miss a sign? Should I have done more? etc etc but in the end I know I did everything I could and was watching them like a hawk daily so I just have to keep remembering that. Ahh.. the life of a foster mom.
I doubt it gets easier the next time and I pray there is no next time and that no foster parents have to deal with the same thing. I commend and praise or regular teenie tiny caregivers for what they do!

To end on a positive note, the other 5 are very active and looking good. They all gained weight and we even have a chubby little orange guy that pushes his way in to the best spot :) They are nursing on mom as I type.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

1...2...3...4...5........6 Kittens !

We finally have kittens! After a long night and some help from the vet college 6 beautiful baby kittens and their wonderful mom are healthy and happy.

Yesterday at approximately 3pm I noticed Orianna had started the first stage of labor. She was beginning to pace, pant and a amniotic sac started to appear. This may be graphic and too much information but it looked like a reddish/pinkish bubble or a blister coming from you know where. This is common for the sac to start coming out before the kitten but the kitten usually follows shortly after. Things didn't happen like that in this case. The sac of the first kitten stayed out with no sign of kitten or contractions for 2 hours. I called the vet to see what I could do. I was told that it happens and if it doesn't start to come out after 3-4 hours I would need to bring her in! Through the whole process Orianna was a sweetheart and cuddly, purring, and looking for affection and showing no signs of the distress.

So at approx 9:30pm. I called the vet college to confirm as they were open for emergencies. I took her right in. They took some xrays and a ultrasound to see what was going on. They saw no signs of obstruction or distressed kittens (they heard MANY little heart beats) and all her vitals were stable. So she was just having trouble pushing. They gave her some meds to help induce labor in the poor cat and sent me home and said they would let me know when the first one came out or if there were more invasive steps needed.

FINALLY at 1:30am i got a call saying the first kitten was born! The kitten was happy healthy and Orianna took to her motherly duties immediately! So I could finally sleep in peace knowing she was doing well.

7:30 am this morning I got a call to say that she had finally JUST had her last kitten, number 6, MANY hours later, 4 orange/white tabby and two black/brown/white tabby. They were going to keep her there that morning and make sure they were all out and all healthy.

1:30 pm today I picked up the little family and brought them home. I set them up in their own bedroom and am now on the clock to ensure they all stay happy and healthy :) Here are a few pics. I didnt want to be in there too long so mom could get settled. There will be many more pics to come !

Friday, October 22, 2010

A watched cat never ....

...goes in to labour! I am still anxiously waiting for the little ones to arrive! Orianna or "Momma" as I playfully call her is still not showing any signs that she will be having these kittens any time soon; other than that her belly is a touch fuller and she teeters as she walks!
She is eating well and always anxious for some affection. She gives a little hello meow when I come in the door and she and I spend lots of time with me rubbing her neck and her rolling over with the big belly rolling along with her.
She and my other foster cat Narnia have developed a friendship too. I think Orianna's relaxed demeanor has encouraged Narnia to be braver and come out for some affection as well.
Keep your fingers crossed for those kittens :) Kristine

Introducing Mr. Lucky Chance!

Lucky Chance has definitely had a run of great luck. He will soon be into a foster home.  See more of his story on the Adoption Centre on Faithfull blog.